Puppy Mini Adventures

Everyone loves puppies – those adoring eyes, those fluffy out of proportion bodies. We just want to give them the best of everything, after all, this is the time when your dog of the future is shaped. The right balance of enrichment will develop your pups brain and encourage neural development as well as develop those oh so important social skills.

Puppies need to learn from the world around them – both human expectations but also how to be a dog! Socialisation is a must – to give them exposure to things in a safe and controlled way. Socialising with other puppies and learning through play gives them confidence, social etiquette and the language of ‘dog’. This will shape their future approach towards and reactions to, other dogs they may meet and situations that may arise in the future.

Puppy Mini Adventures are group based, managed play sessions filled with enrichment games, gentle chasing, play fighting, scent work and social skills. These are designed specifically for pups between 3-12 months old so the play time is shorter than the other Adventures to make sure the pups don’t over exert their still developing bodies.

Once 12 months old they will graduate into the next age bracket and can then join Group Play Adventures with the, ah hem, ‘more mature’ dogs!

Give your puppy the enrichment it deserves and get the dog you deserve… And all of this for only £18.

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