About Me

My background is in Corporate Human Resources and I’ve always had a keen interest in the psychology behind what makes people do what they do. Bringing up a child with a autism has increased my understanding of the extreme challenges presented to anyone who receives the world in a different way – it becomes about surviving not thriving. The environment in which they are taught hugely influences whether they can receive that learning or not. On deciding to leave my corporate role, as an avid dog lover, applying my skills and knowledge in behavioural psychology in a canine context seemed an obvious choice.

I currently run Group Play and Mini Puppy Play Adventures where dogs get to socialise in a safe and deliberately underwhelming way (you can see more about each of these on the other pages on this site)

Being lucky enough to chaperone a number of dogs every day, I am continuously increasing my knowledge, making sure the individual needs of each dog is being met daily as well as building up even more experience to underpin my continuing professional development and studies.

Seeing the dogs quietly whispered feelings and the behaviours that manifest as a result has yet further piqued my interest in the psychology of dogs as well as people.

There can be no other path than to push further into this specific area, with a view to become a holistic professional, able to support pets and owners with training, behaviour and generally supporting positive relationships with pets at the heart of the family.

I also have two dogs of my own – a Tibetan Terrier and a German Shepherd. Poles apart from each other but a fantastic sibling bond! Seeing so many German Shepherds in rescue and often a misunderstood breed has led me to becoming a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue Elite who work tirelessly to support those dogs in need of rehoming.

Click on the Logo if you would like to know more about this charity or maybe even become a volunteer yourself!

I believe in ongoing growth and personal development. Knowledge of the most up to date science behind dogs learning and emotions is critically important, so to maintain my knowledge I undertake regular professional development.

It is important to me that you get the best possible advice and support with your pets. If I am personally unable to support you or feel that you would be better off with support from someone else with more relevant experience then I will work with you to put you in contact with appropriate professionals to give you the best rounded support available.

I am really proud to announce that I am now a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network.

The Pet Professional Network is the first international business support organisation for force free pet professionals. They help support their members with all aspects of mindset, personal and business development. PPN are proud to work in collaboration with modern, world class training and behavioural institutes and associations and are proud to be an affiliate of ICAN the International Companion Animal Network.

You can find out more about each of these organisations by clicking on the logos below.

Having undergone a personal assessment process, ensuring I meet their high standards, ethics and force free philosophy, I have been invited to join their supportive community and will continue to receive ongoing group coaching. This will ensure I can give my clients the best ongoing support and help encourage other professionals to reach out and help support each other.

PPN helps raise the standards to help support more pet owners and is a wonderful community full of like-minded people.